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Get Importer Exporter Code

In order to expand your business you have to launch your product or services in the global market. For this purpose, you need to register for an 'Import Export Code' (IEC) issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) operating under Ministry of Commerce and Industry, without which global expansion remains a mere aspiration. One of the most beneficial parts being that IEC registration is a One-time registration process and which does not require any Renewal or any Return Filing at any point of time. It is advisable for every business entity, who wishes to expand their business globally, to obtain Import Export Code irrespective of the necessity at the moment.

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All you need to know about Import-Export Code!


Customs clearance and sending shipments requires quoting of the IE Code. Therefore, to import/export goods into/from India and while making/receiving payments to/from abroad, IE Code must be required by the Importers/Exporters and banks respectively.

No Renewal required

IE Code is One-Time registration code which can be used for all its import/export throughout the existence of the entity and no annual renewal is required.

No Compliances

Once IEC number is issued, there are no further compliances to be made thereafter to keep its validity intact.

Proprietors can have IE Code

It is not mandatory to incorporate a business entity for acquiring IEC number. It can also be obtained by the individuals who are sole proprietors of their respective businesses.

No Maintenance Cost

There are no annual maintenance or compliance costs as there are no legal compliances prescribed.

Quick Processing

When application besides all the necessary information has been submitted, IE Code can easily be attained from Office of DGFT within 6-8 working days thereafter. No proof of any import/export is required to obtain IEC.

Price (Inc. Govt. Fees)

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Certificate of Importer Exporter Code within 1-2 days

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