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Get Govt. Subsidies for your business

Majority of the Govt. sanctioned Subsidies in India are being provided to all those Manufacturing units/Industrial units who have either i) applied for sanctioning of a Term Loan against Machinery & allied Equipments Or ii) who have already applied for such Term Loan but full/part disbursement is pending from Bank's end (such Subsidy percentage ranges from 15% to 50% depending upon the work to be carried out by such unit). This subsidy is in the nature of financial assistance provided by the Govt. of India to those units who start their own business OR those who expand their Existing industrial units by installing New machinery & allied equipments. Most of the Capital Subsidy schemes being run by Indian Govt. are Back-ended Subsidies which means that it can be availed by only those business units who are falling in either of above mentioned 2 categories. When such Capital subsidy is released (by Govt.) to the concerned bank it will be kept as a deposit in the bank in a separate bank account called 'Subsidy Reserve Fund Account' and shall get adjusted with beneficiary's Term Loan account as the very last instalment. Only few of Subsidy schemes are in nature of Front-end/Upfront Subsidies in which the subsidy amount gets released to the beneficiary even if the beneficiary has not availed any Term loan from bank.

Some basics about popular Govt. Subsidy schemes

Why Govt. Subsidies are must for your business?

Free of cost

Business Subsidy provided by Government of India is in the nature a 'Free of cost' grant i.e. neither the interest amount nor the principal amount is required to be repaid.

Government Subsidy for 'Everybody'

Without drawing any line between existing and new businesses, the Government of India provides a golden opportunity to both Existing as well as New business units to avail the benefits of its subsidy schemes.

Reduces Cost of production

On getting Government subsidies, business units are able to cover their costs without making their products unaffordable, thereby increasing the business's competitive edge in terms of prices and subsequently increasing its overall profitability.

Encourages Industrial growth

To promote diverse types of industries (majorly manufacturing units and some service-rendering businesses), the Government of India fuels industrial growth in our country by offering various financial incentives.

Encourages entrepreneurship

By providing initial financial assistance to small-scale industries, the Government of India has taken a big leap in encouraging many prospective entrepreneurs across the country to start their own business without worrying about the initial funding problems.

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