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Legal agreements drafting

A Business Agreement is an agreement that is formed between two or more parties to settle the terms and conditions. Most agreements which are formed between any businesses or collaborations can be considered business agreements. Agreement is a prerequisite of any valid contract, payment, compromise, variation or discharge of contract or conveyance. Business Agreements can be written as well as verbal but the written agreements provide more certainty for both parties than verbal agreements. They clearly set out the details of what was agreed. Team ClicknFile comprise of Legal professionals who shall be hand-drafting customized Legal Agreement(s) according to the requirements desired. Some of the routine/popular business agreements being (i) Employment Agreements, (ii) Franchise Agreements, (iii) NDA's, (iv) Vendor's Agreement, (vi) Partnership Deed, (vii) Debenture Subscription Agreement, (viii) DCA's, (ix) SLA's, (x) DSA's and many more.

A well written Legal Agreement is must!

Certainty & Clarity

Written agreements provide more certainty for both parties than verbal agreements. They clearly set out the details of what was agreed.

Serves as a record

Provide proof or serve as a record of what was agreed between both the parties.

Provides Security

Give you security and peace of mind by knowing the quantum of work, for how long and what you will be paid.

Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Set out how a dispute over payments or performance will be resolved.

Secures Confidentiality Clause

Confidentiality clauses in written agreement prevent employees, especially those who decide to leave the company, from releasing this information to others for their personal gain. It will also prevent them from competing against the company after leaving.

Reduces Possibility of 'Future' Disputes

By making sure that all parties agree on the terms of a particular agreement and making everyone sign a contract attesting to this, this strategy reduces the chance that one party will have grounds for legal action later on.

Bulk offerings for Corporates

Up to 50 Legal Agreements

1,500 each

51 - 100 Legal Agreements

1,450 each

101 - 150 Legal Agreements

1,400 each

151 - 200 Legal Agreements

1,350 each

201 - 500 Legal Agreements

1,300 each

501 - 1000 Legal Agreements

1,250 each

1000+ Legal Agreements

1,200 each

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